The 14th November Supermoon was touted as being the largest full moon this century – 30% brighter and 14% bigger than normal. I put the waters out the afternoon of the day before, as the days leading up to a full moon are very potent. The night of the 13th was incredibly clear and very beautiful. I had several bowls and bottles under the Rimu and I had also put one under the Kakabeak at my house.

That night was a very weird night with lots of booming noises and unexplainable lights in the sky. Then just after midnight we had a big earthquake 7.8, followed by lots of aftershocks. My essences were not only getting huge amounts of stellar light from the Supermoon but also a big jolt of earth energy.

The next morning I went up to the forest and hooked up the Plant Music instrument and listened to the Rimu song ringing out over the forest and into the bowls and bottles of water. The birds loved it. Making the essences in my kitchen was an incredibly joyous experience. I played the Rimu music as I made up the stock bottles.

I had also set out a bowl under the Kakabeak and recorded her song as well. I had it sitting on my bench when my daughter walked past and asked what the water in the bowl was. She said it looked like it was alive, which of course it is. Alive with healing energy in the form of sound and light and memorised in the water.

16/11/16 The Supermoon Batches