I gave a healing client a few drops of Ayahuasca before she went under the Ajna Light. I didn’t really tell her much except to say that it may help shift a virus that seemed to be hanging on in her chest and lungs and to focus on that intention. My reason for using Ayahuasca as a healing plant ally in this case was Aya’s ability to help us communicate with the cells in our own body to change disease by acting as a communication bridge.

After the session the client said she felt like she had travelled inside her body and found the remnants of the virus. She could see where it was and connected with it and saw it move up out of her heart and lungs. She said it was an incredible and amazing thing. I then made her some essences with Ayahuasca in it to take orally 3 times a day.

After 4 weeks she had another healing and this time she could feel herself lifted out of her body and could see her body on the massage table and saw black stuff come up out of the upper chest and then blue light came flooding down into where the disease had left. She felt incredibly energised after that and continues to have increased energy levels and better quality sleep.

24/1/2017 Ayahuasca as a Healer