I was honoured to be asked to record the song of a beautiful 130 year old Pohutakawa tree in Otaki which is tended to by the wonderful Marianna Williams-Wilson and others. We had met at  a Spiritual Fair in Otaki several months earlier and then as chance would have it we met up again at another event in Manawatu.

While she was giving me the most incredible foot massage I was prompted to tell her about the connection the Giant Rimu in the Ruahines had made with me. As it happened I had the music recorded on my phone, so I played it for her and she instantly asked if I would come down and record the Pohutakawa at the Kohanga.

A few weeks later I did and it was a very beautiful and moving spiritual experience for those of us there.

A couple of months later the time was right to make some essence under guidance from the beautiful rakau. Marianna placed some water in a jug and charged it with pounamu and fluorite. It was left in the embrace of the Pohutakawa for 2 nights over a Full Moon.

The result was a beautiful jug of water that was visibly alive and bubbling with spiritual life force. I then made the essence stock solution up and infused it with the waiata of the tree.

Last weekend I went down to Otaki and we made up some essences combining the Rimu & Pohutakawa. When we combined them together we took 3 drops each under the tongue and it was such a surreal moment as we felt the surge of spiritual energy and wisdom from these magnificent beings who are very eager to help us put things right on our beloved Papatuanuku.

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2/4/2017 New Pohutakawa Essence – The Mother Energy