Anne Elliott (born Anne Pipke)

I was born on Vancouver Island, Canada and emigrated to New Zealand with my family when I was small. I still have connections to Canada and work with shamen and medicine women/men over there as well as in the USA. I live in rural Manawatu, New Zealand.


Throughout all cultures indigenous people have understood their connection to nature and to the web of one-ness. They have worked in dynamic cooperation with the forces of nature. I have always felt connected to nature and I’m much happier in a forest than I am in a town.

Medicine men and women understand the interconnection of the human spirit and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the being; that all true healing must involve the spirit as well as the physical.

This is why the medicine man or woman places so much importance on healing the spirit. They know if the spirit is ailing the rest of the person will eventually be affected.

Old cultures such as New Zealand Maori, First Nations Native American and Australian aborigines all used sacred plant medicine to heal. The term medicine is used in the shamanic way as being anything that heals.

I am a modern day Medicine Woman and use a variety of new and ancient ‘medicines’ to assist you in your healing journey. One of the medicines I use is Sacred Plant Medicine in the form of essences.

The essences are the purest form of sacred plant medicine available. They are made with the full cooperation of the overriding spirit of the plant and are the highest expression of vibrational or energy medicine. Working at a vibrational level they recognise the powerful physical and spiritual link between plants, humans and holistic wellbeing.

I initially trained in Bach Flower Remedies then after using those remedies for a couple of years I discovered the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and undertook an extensive training program. This involved many hours of study and practical exercises, case studies and a thesis. I am a Registered Practitioner and I also hold Diplomas in Aromatherapy and Anatomy & Physiology.

Under spiritual direction I also make my own plant spirit medicines. I have a Music of the Plant instrument from Damanhur, Italy. It is used for meditations, healing and in the making of my essences.

Light Therapy is a very strong focus in my personal and client based healing practices. Light therapy has been used by many cultures for thousands of years and is an extremely effective and enjoyable way to do spiritual and healing work.

I am a Certified Light Therapist and have helped many people overcome fear, anxiety, sleeping problems and emotional blocks as well as manage pain and promote physical healing. The AjnaLight is one part of the Light Therapy options I offer and it stimulates and de-calcifies the pineal gland encouraging spiritual expansion to occur.