It has been proposed by many medical herbalists and shamanic practitioners that plants are working as a team all over the planet to help us heal ourselves and Mother Earth. They are offering their considerable healing and wisdom to us and it is more readily available now than it ever has been before.

Traditionally plants such as Ayahuasca were taken by the village Shaman who then used it for the ‘client’. It was taken for the client not by the client. Taking a physical substance that alters the brain chemistry is dangerous which is why only trained Shamen used it.

The practice of attending an Ayahuasca ceremony has recently become very popular as a way of receiving visions in order to grow spiritually and receive healing from these plant masters. In fact it has become so popular that in some areas of the Amazon forest the Ayahuasca vine is becoming endangered. Our spiritual greed is harming the forest and also the tribes that hold this ancient knowledge.

In these higher vibration times we now live in we are able to access the wisdom of these ancient plants at a higher vibrational level than previously.

Plant essences are the purest form of sacred plant medicine available. They are made with the full cooperation of the overriding spirit of the plant and are the highest expression of vibrational or energy medicine. Working at a vibrational level they recognise the powerful physical and spiritual link between plants, humans and holistic wellbeing.

I have sourced sacred essences from overseas made from ancient teacher plants that are ideal for personal healing, spiritual expansion and ceremonial work. The essences I am using are made by Hummingbird Essences with intention and impeccability in the Pacific Northwest, North & South America, Mexico and Hawaii, from plants growing in wilderness areas, botanical gardens, nature sanctuaries, and co-created private gardens, in conscious communion with overlighting angelic and devic forces.

To offset the carbon usage for the packaging and shipping, I make a generous contribution with each purchase to Camino Verde, which is a non-profit organisation working to preserve the Peruvian Amazon.


Ceremonial & Healing Essences are $65 for a 50ml spray or $45 for a 30ml spray in remedial strength for personal healing or ceremonial work (postage may be extra).

They are made with Homeobotanical ACV water which is alcohol free and uses glycerine and cider vinegar as the stabilisers.

I can put 2 different essences of either a ceremonial essence and/or animal totem in the same bottle together with the Rimu and Pohutakawa Sacred Voice Essences.

Tax Invoice available if required.

Shamanic Journeys with Teacher Plants

I am available to conduct shamanic journeys to allow you to enter into sacred relationship with any of these teacher plants. This can be done on an individual or group basis either for personal healing or spiritual expansion. We enter the theta brainwave state either through shamanic drumming or by using the Ajna Light, or a combination of both. See Ajna Light for details.

Theta brainwaves happen during deep meditation and the REM periods of light sleep. They occur every time you drift into sleep and it is called the hypnogogic state. Images are seen during this time as you are just entering sleep, although you are still just awake and aware. The subconscious mind is active in theta. Deep spiritual connection and unity with the universe occur in meditation at the theta state.

The plants will be used at full mother essence strength for your journey.

Also available is a session with Ayahuasca Essences and the Ayahusasca Icaros. Contact me for details.


Body / Psyche / Spirit

Each essence has benefits for the body, psyche and spirit. These terms are used to mean:

Body: including energetic systems: meridians, chakras, subtle bodies

Psyche: mind, emotions, personal ego-consciousness, and

Spirit: unfolding of limitless consciousness.



Banisteriopsis caapi (white) Malpighiaceae, Malpighia Family   

Amazon vine used as entheogenic herbal drink in Yage or Daime ceremonies.

Body: Stimulates dialogue in the body for healing. Harmonic resonance in thymus; useful for diseases of immunological response and attitudes.

Psyche: Use with affirmation for communicating with body cells for changing disease, shining a laser beam of intention to become very aware. “Journey” into the body and psyche, to create a communication bridge; allows intention to pierce the cell nucleus, effecting transformation from within.

Much of disease is denial; this remedy assists understanding what the body is trying to say.

Spirit: Opens pineal-pituitary circuitry to deepen telepathy between humans and animals, plants, elementals, angelic beings. Affects minor chakras between ears and temple for developing telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience.

Ayahuasca Healing Sessions: I offer combination Ajna Light/Ayahuasca healing Sessions. Contact me for details.





Lophophora williamsii (pink) Cactaceae, Cactus Family

peyoteBody: Enhances blood circulation to brain; liver tonic. Opens chakras in hands, feet, throat; connects pineal-pituitary circuitry. Increases mental alertness; opens synapses in reptilian brain for development of cellular/racial memory; useful when attempting a return to “native wisdom.”

Useful in head injuries where disorientation is a factor. With other remedies, can stabilize and minimize injuries to brain stem and medulla.

Psyche: Survival issues: gathering data for appropriate response, healthy decisions, intuitive leaps for next steps. Heightens awareness of physical/psychic environment; opens the heart for self-examination, clarifies confused, half-heard messages from the unconscious and/or inner planes. Psychologically unstable individuals return to balance and stability without shutdown or denial.

Spirit: Develops intuition, stabilizes consciousness to access and coordinate multi-level information into a meaningful context. Multidimensional remedy to hear the voices of our ancestors; use to prepare for retreats, vision quests.

Enhances inner communion, access to one’s planetary mission statement, totality of life experiences past/present/future to learn, grow, transform, evolve. Augments contact with Destiny Angels, for opening the door into galactic oneness; helpful for receiving guidance from the angelic “committee” overseeing and directing one’s life path and destiny.




Trichocereus pachanoi (white with brown-red reverse) Cactaceae, Cactus Familysan-pedro-cactus

Body: Enhances auric protection from many types of radiation and contaminants: EMF, ELF, nuclear, sound/aural, air pollution, etc. Works on auric levels rather than physical; helps the Body Deva choose which types of influx best serve general health, and reject other qualities of input.

Assists function of energy body in its role as a filter for external energies. Useful in MS, auto-immune disorders; stimulates the immune system’s discernment.

This essence impacts communication throughout the Body Deva’s systems. Each aspect has its own level of awareness; when these are not communicating and coordinating clearly with other systems, we have dysfunction. Although used alone it will not cure karmic conditions, San Pedro Cactus can assist in simple systemic miscommunication.

Psyche: Expands auric boundaries. Filters information coming into the psyche, for clear messages of good intent; useful in power and manipulation situations, where negativity on any level could be easily taken on from others. Illuminates issues of self and other; find harmony in disparate viewpoints and realities.

Spirit: Opens crown chakra; assists influx of Light to higher chakra centers, which is then distributed throughout the body by the Body Deva.




Nicotiana tabacum (pink) Solanaceae, Nightshade Family

Body: Eases nicotine craving; helps release psychological and physical addictions to marijuana, tobacco. Provides an alternate ability to commune with the overlighting Devas of these plants without ingesting the smoke.

Psyche: Brings integrity and clarity to decision-making; emotional issues are kept in balance. Useful for unsettling dreams and nightmares of feeling lost, unable to “get back.”

Spirit: Enhances opening to spirit while remaining grounded on Earth. Powerful tool for contact with spirits. Use with discernment, prayer and intention to create an atmosphere of rarity, to call in only beings of high intent. Grounds those who go between the realms: shamans, those who work extensively in altered states. In death and dying, facilitates the ability to let go in love and surrender. 



Essences of ceremonial plants used by indigenous peoples for healing and spiritual experiences. Contains Ayahuasca & Chacruna.

For shamanic healing work, deepening attunement with Nature; clarifies reception of energies from others. Assists perception of underlying energies within one’s self and in others’ motives and intentions. 

AYAHUASCA – see above 

CHACRUNA  Psychotria viridis (white) Rubiaceae, Madder or Coffee Family

Amazon entheogenic shrub; admixture to Ayahuasca.

Psyche: Releases irritation, annoyance, lack of concentration. Clears blockage to heart chakra; impacts temple chakras.

Spirit: Assists expansion of psychic abilities; heightens awareness of unseen realms. Develops and transforms inner psychic processes. Use with Ayahuasca essence to create doorways into other realms.



PSYCHIC DIAGNOSTICS – for Healers  (Contact me for details)

This remedy is a mixture of Yacu Piri-Piri & Yopo for enhancing psychic diagnosis.

YACU PIRI-PIRI Justicia pectoralis (white & purple) Acanthaceae, Acanthus Family

Herbal entheogen from the upper Amazon, admixture to Waiká Indian snuffs.

Psyche: Releases judgement blocks inhibiting soul evolution. Assists integration of past experiences into collective wisdom-consciousness, facilitating enhanced evolution of the greater human family in general.

Expands wisdom-body to embrace all earthly experiences as experiments in consciousness; useful for releasing judgments about “bad” behaviours in self and others.

Spirit: Opens pineal-pituitary circuitry for remote viewing, visualization, expanded perception of options. Expands second-sight capabilities to assist detection of body imbalances; useful in diagnosis of clients’ needs, both in physical issues and in response thereto. Use with Yopo for psychic diagnostics.

Augments psychic link to “spirit helpers” and disembodied healers, to facilitate interdimensional communication in healing therapies.

Opens connection circuits in mid-brain for consciousness expansion, release from mortality paradigm; useful in astral travel, death and dying issues.

YOPO Anadenanthera peregrina (white) Fabaceae, Legume Family [Subfamily Mimosoideae]

Spirit: Opens the pineal-pituitary circuitry for inner sight; stimulates the third eye for opening to unseen realms. Assists in developing clairvoyance for diagnostic purposes: reading the physical and etheric bodies for flaws in the energetic fields that may be now, or soon will be, manifesting on the physical.

Opens perceptions on energetic and auric levels; useful with other remedies for divination of prescriptions and practices for healing.




Eagle  –  Raven  –  Wolf

Animal spirits are often called on for healing or magic work. They are powerful messengers, healers and protectors. These powerful essences carry within them the spiritual essence of the particular animal. Use when you want to connect with the energy and strengthen your relationship with the spirit of eagle, raven or wolf in your magic or shamanic work (3 separate essences).

Contact me for details.


Dieting Essences

‘Dieting’ plant essences is a well-established practice for deepening the connection with a plant-teacher for a greater spiritual and healing outcome. If you are interested in this aspect of your spiritual or healing journey please contact me.

Contact me for details.