I am a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner. First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® provide a comprehensive range of New Zealand native flower and plant essences that work to gently restore emotional and spiritual balance and harmony.

The award winning First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® are the first range of essences in the world to develop and provide a fully integrated range of essences comprised of flower essences for the personality, fern essences for the individual layers of the aura, tree essences for the individual chakras, seed essences for DNA and plant essences that support the evolutionary journey of the soul. In addition, powerful teacher plant essences that correspond to the 12 rites of passage of the Healer and the 24 rites of passage of the Shaman ensure First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® is at the cutting edge in flower essence research, development and training worldwide.

The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® work on the same basis as healing that is found in Nature. The focus is on five elements that are incorporated into the healing matrix:

Transforming negative emotions using the 36 flower essences to achieve alignment of our inner and outer selves so we can experience and express joy.

Cleansing the disharmonious energy and traumas held in the aura using the 7 fern essences to give freedom from fears so we can live in harmony.

Strengthening the chakras by correcting any imbalances or blockages using the 7 tree essences so we establish equilibrium to enable us to stand strong and balanced.

Re-patterning the long-standing fears or blocks held at the cellular level using the 12 seed essences so we can have integration and harmony and feel peace in our lives.

Enhancing our experience of life by using the 22 plant essences to help our soul grow on its journey by accepting and overcoming each of life’s challenges/lessons so that we may enjoy the abundance of life’s opportunities.

These five elements have separate but over-lapping functions and each element is directed at healing a certain layer. Each element has a corresponding set of essences to fulfil its purpose.

If any of the layers are not working correctly there will be a compounding effect that will affect the layers around it. The desired outcome is co-operation and integration at all levels within the person so that holistic health is obtained and sustained.

The Healers Collection has been created from specially selected native New Zealand teacher (whakahirahira) plants that are of a particular potency and high order. A personal offering from spirit that addresses the metaphysical spiritual challenges of the times facing the healer and those walking the healing path. (See #85 Black Mamaku onwards in the below table)

** Choose up to 8 essences to go into one 30ml blend – $30 (postage may be extra). Made with ACV homeobotanical water.

No Name Positive Qualities You Wish To Enhance Negative Expressions You Wish To Change
1 Pohutukawa – The Essence of Initiative Self-awareness, self-assertion, power used with wisdom, personal will and strong sense of self. Weak willed, can’t say no, over-eager to please, easily influenced, submissive, anger.
2 Native Flax – The Essence of Enthusiasm Eager, forthright, motivated, lively, quick thinking and acting, patient. Impatient, tense, frustrated, irritable, flares up quickly, impetuous, abrupt, headstrong, overly enthusiastic, tires easily.
3 Cook Strait Groundsel – The Essence of Self-Confidence Direct self-focused action, self-motivated, undeterred by challenges. Lack of self-confidence, despondency, convinced of failure, doubts abilities so won’t try.
4 Marlborough Rock Daisy – The Essence of Self-Worth Feels good about self, trusts instincts, clear values, quiet courage, positive relationship with life. Low self-worth, nervous, anxiety prone, specific fears of known things.
5 Native Passionfruit – The Essence of Abundance Inner vitality, strength to cope with difficulties, clear headed. Procrastination, Monday morning blues, temporary mental fatigue, tiredness, doubts ability to cope.
6 N.Z. Jasmine – The Essence of Perseverance Endurance, resourceful, turns negatives into positives, knows own strength. Exhaustion, workaholic, struggles on despite adversity, exaggerated sense of duty, shoulders others burdens.
7 Mountain Parahebe – The Essence of Communication Inner release, powerful balanced mental activity, astute, sees new options. Utter mental despair, has reached limits of endurance but not suicidal, future feels dark.
8 Matata – The Essence of Adaptability Flexibility, versatile, open-minded, optimistic, mentally alert, discernment, tranquility. Mental hyperactivity, mind chatter, always worrying, distressing unwanted thoughts, nervous tension.
9 Koru – The Essence of Understanding Concentration, mental discipline and organisation, learns from experience. Mental blocks, repeats mistakes, poor or slow learner, can’t concentrate, feels mentally inferior or misunderstood.
10 Starry Hibiscus – The Essence of Tenderness Selfless love, cares for self, motherliness, inner emotional security. Over-possessive of others, clingy, needy, demands attention, manipulative, self-pity, interfering, martyr-like.
11 Chatham Island Geranium – The Essence of Nurturing Caring, love of family, emotional independence. Excessive concern for others, worry or over-attachment to loved ones, fearful for others’ wellbeing, over-protective.
12 Native Harebell – The Essence of Tenacity Loyalty, emotional resolve, resilience, maturity, stability, lives in the present. Dwells in the past, nostalgia, homesickness, sad memories, emotionally stuck, difficulty with change.
13 Kanuka – The Essence of Spontaneity Regeneration, restored inner vitality and strength, feels special and loved, spontaneous self-expression. Total exhaustion of body, mind and spirit, no reserves left, feels unable to cope with life.
14 Rengarenga Lily – The Essence of Creativity Positive idealism, healthy ego, demonstrative, highly creative. Pre-occupied, indifferent, day-dreams, can’t focus on reality, absent-minded, disoriented, withdrawn, listless.
15 Mingimingi – The Essence of Dignity Cheerfulness, serenity, self-respect, consistent creativity. Black depression that comes and goes suddenly with no apparent known cause, feels sad and low.
16 Small White Rata – The Essence of Perfection Purity, order, discernment, composure, energetic integrity, wholeness. Feels unclean, ashamed, not good enough, self-dislike and disgust, obsessive compulsive, perfectionist.
17 Akepiro – The Essence of Synthesis Tolerant, sympathy, constructive criticism, appreciation of difference, inclusivity. Critical, tense, narrow-minded, intolerant of others, focuses on negatives, over-analytical, rigidity of body or mind.
18 Purple Koromiko – The Essence of Simplicity Sees the obvious, keeps it simple, practical service, desire to assist others in need. Guilt, blame, regret, self-reproach, self-doubt, victim mentality.
19 Lovers Daisy – The Essence of Love Poise, balance, stays true to self, empowered relating, intuitive decision making. Indecision, uncertainty, lacks inner balance, fluctuating moods, power games in relationships.
20 Wineberry – The Essence of Co-operation Diplomacy, social skills, peace loving, generosity, fairness, sees problems in the right light. Hides worries or anxieties, mental anguish disguised by cheerfulness, plays down difficulties.
21 Hinau – The Essence of Sacred Space Inner certainty, trusts own knowing and intuition, listens to inner voice. Self-doubt, uncertainty especially of own ability, easily influenced, needs approval of others, seeks others opinion.
22 Manuka – The Essence of Purification Self-regeneration, metamorphosis, in touch with own power, depth of inner experience, balanced sexuality/sensuality. Jealousy, hatred, suspicion, intense frustration, rage, temper.
23 Lacebark – The Essence of Fearlessness Openness, composure, expresses deeper feelings easily, sharing and intimacy. Overwhelming apprehension about breakdown or losing one’s mind, coping mechanisms overloaded.
24 Poroporo – The Essence of Willpower Staying power, personal resolve, constructive emotional and mental responses. Resentful, bitter, self-pity, blames others, sulky, ‘a wet blanket’, victim of fate attitude, smouldering anger.
25 Kowhai – The Essence of Growth Personal development, able to move on or break bonds with the past, the spirit of adventure. Finds change painful or difficult, difficulty adjusting to changes in life circumstances, unhealthy risk-taking.
26 Karo – The Essence of Foresight Finds one’s life purpose, potential, skill and ambition and open to where this might lead. Unchannelled talents, uncertainty regarding life meaning, purpose, goals, life path, dissatisfaction, boredom.
27 Karaka – The Essence of Knowledge Knows each day brings opportunity, believes everything will work out. Passes on wisdom and experience. Easily discouraged and depressed, pessimistic, can’t see the meaning in anything.
28 Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not – The Essence of Aspiration Carries self with authority and conviction, secure in one’s place in the world, self-recognition. Dominating, ruthless, over-ambitious, power seeking, inflexible.
29 Mairehau – The Essence of Achievement Detached, neutral, uninvolved, performs at optimal level, strong and capable, leadership abilities. Temporary feelings of inadequacy, overwhelmed by task or responsibilities.
30 Ngaio – The Essence of Responsibility Consolidation, commitment, accepting limitations, rekindled optimism. Utter despair, hopelessness, despondency, apathetic, has lost sense of humour.
31 Native Iris – The Essence of Individuality A torchbearer, able to inspire and uplift others, the activist creates change. Lives on nerves, overbearing, inflexible, fanatical, excessive zeal, inciting unrest.
32 Ice Plant – The Essence of Freedom Adaptability, open minded idealist, broadminded, high principled standards. Self-denial, hard on self, rigid strict views and outlook, sanctimonious, intensely dogmatic.
33 Rewarewa – The Essence of Participation Tactful reserve, wisdom, approachable, social consciousness and awareness. Aloof, a loner, appears proud but feels emotionally isolated and lonely, social alienation or withdrawal.
34 Heketara – The Essence of Unity Compassion, sensitivity, aware of others pain, grief and suffering. Anxiety, foreboding, apprehension, fear of unknown things, escapist tendencies result in not managing material responsibilities.
35 Creeping Pratia – The Essence of Empathy The psychic, clairvoyant, interested in others, helpful but able to say no without feeling guilty. Self-centered, seeks attention, saps other’s energy, a poor listener, fixated by own troubles.
36 Native Linen Flax – The Essence of Service Devotion, kindness, self-directed, inner motivation, lives one’s ideals and dreams. Resigned, apathetic, lack of interest, underdog, no effort for self-improvement.
37 King Fern – The Essence of Security Self-preservation, feels alive, present and physically safe and secure. Physical/survival trauma, physical abuse, insecurity, de-vitalisation, avoidance issues around life or death, accident prone.
38 Rasp Fern – The Essence of Boundaries Healthy emotional or sexual boundaries, feels emotionally safe, emotional consistency. Emotional/sexual trauma, emotional abuse, insecurity, dependent, needy, volatile, emotional/sexual dysfunction.
39 Shaking Brake Fern – The Essence of Empowerment Self-definition, empowered by life experiences. Disempowerment trauma, feelings of inadequacy, mental insecurity or disconnectedness.
40 Silver Fern – The Essence of Trust Self-acceptance, self-trust. Heart felt trauma, loss, abuse or betrayal of love or trust, grief, rejection issues, heart-break, hatred, jealousy, issues around giving or receiving love.
41 Prince of Wales Feathers Fern – The Essence of Respect Self-respect, feels heard, creative expression. Humiliation trauma, judgement, shame, issues around speaking out or being heard, lacks respect for self or others.
42 Star Fern – The Essence of Authenticity Self-reflection; knows one’s own reality; living authentically. Reality trauma. Self-doubt; sense of unreality or disillusionment; life in constant turmoil; invalidation of one’s personal reality.
43 Plumed Maidenhair Fern – The Essence of Direction Self-knowledge; sense of purpose; clear expression of spirituality; inner direction. Spiritual trauma; confusion; feels directionless or lost; uncertainty; escapist or self destructive tendencies.
44 Kahikatea – The Essence of Structure Base chakra. Stable; self-sufficient; grounded; structured; feels supported, safe and secure. Addiction to security; materialistic; overly strict routines; avoids responsibilites; feels unsupported.
45 Matai – The Essence of Fluidity Sacral chakra. Flexibility; ease; emotional balance. Reactive emotional responses; obsessive emotional attachments; addiction to pleasure; emotional dependency or manipulation.
46 Totara – The Essence of Inner Power Solar Plexus chakra. Personal power; balanced use of power; strength of will; positive self image. Dominating; power hungry; temper tantrums; weak will; feelings of inferiority; the bully or the victim.
47 Kauri – The Essence of Beauty Heart chakra. Self-acceptance; loving; empathic; self-loving; healthy intimate relationships. Co-dependency; clinging; inability to give of one’s self or respond to love.
48 Maire – The Essence of Healing Throat chakra. Communication; self-expression; knows when to speak and when to be silent. Too much talking; poor auditory comprehension; unkind speech; difficulty communicating or expressing oneself.
49 Miro – The Essence of Intuition Third Eye chakra. Inner awareness; ability to see limitless possibilities. Overly idealistic; obsessions; delusions; hallucinations; poor memory; blocked intuition; difficulty imagining possibilities or alternatives.
50 Rimu – The Essence of Connection Crown chakra. Spiritual wisdom; spiritual clarity and focus; open minded. Overly intellectual; addicted to spiritual beliefs and practices; extreme nervous anxiety; rigid, limited beliefs.
51 Broadleaf – The Essence of Reverence Right Living. Care for one’s physical environment, self and family. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around life, death, money and material matters.
52 Nikau Palm – The Essence of Non-Attachment Right emotional behaviour. Enhance emotional awareness. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around emotional expression, sex, sensuality, enjoyment, pleasure, nurturing and partnership.
53 Wharangi – The Essence of Non-Judgement Right use of power. Empowered from within; measured responses. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around inner power, empowerment, expression of power.
54 Houpara – The Essence of Compassion Right relationship. Compassion, empathy deep genuine heartfelt relatedness. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around intimate relationships, compassion, trust and beauty.
55 Hangehange – The Essence of Truth Right speech. Truthful; sincerity; integrity; high levels of creativity; ease of communication. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around creativity, communication and humiliation.
56 Inkberry – The Essence of Vision Right thought. Being guided by inner wisdom; insight; create a new personal vision; inspired revelations. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around ideals, dreams, intuition, facing reality.
57 Cabbage Tree – The Essence of Sovereignty True independence of Spirit; able to recognize one’s true priorities and path. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around spirituality, religion, losing control mentally.
58 Ramarama – The Essence of Life Purpose Purposeful living; releases one’s personal will to higher will; instrumental in the restoration and creation of order. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around life purpose and place in the world.
59 Star Lily – The Essence of Unconditional Love Universal Love. Divine love and compassion; sees all-encompassing beauty and unity of all life. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around unconditional love and the oneness of life and being spiritually forsaken.
60 Dragon Leaf – The Essence of The Will-to-Good Compassionate wisdom; consciously working with Divine mind. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns, fears or depression around right creation and participating in the Divine plan.
61 Mount Cook Lily – The Essence of Peace The Divine Feminine. Peace; forgiveness; natural expression of feminine power. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns, fears around the divine feminine as a powerful force in the universe.
62 Raupo – The Essence of The Will-to-Be The Divine Masculine. Benevolence; natural expression of masculine power. Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns, fears around the divine masculine as a powerful force in the universe.
63 Karamu – The Essence of Manifestation Focused intent; belief in oneself and abilities; multi-tasking; the juggler. Unable to cope or to manifest what one needs; overwhelmed by life; scattered energies; unable to tap into one’s full potential.
64 Koromiko – The Essence of Wisdom Use of intuitive processes; spiritual equilibrium; inner poise and tranquility. Feels isolated; misunderstood; empty inhibited; questions validity of one’s own ‘knowing’.
65 Tree Fuchsia – The Essence of Feminine Power Abundance; receptivity; inner harmony; secure within one’s femininity. Emotional dissatisfaction; suppressed or unsuccessful creativity; always giving; neglects own feelings and needs.
66 Rangiora – The Essence of Masculine Power Leadership; foresight; organisation; personal authority; autonomy. Dominating; stubborn; unemotional; needs to prove oneself to others; intimidated by authority figures.
67 Red Rata – The Essence of Guidance Spiritual autonomy; receives a flow of guidance; open to signs and messages of everyday life. Extreme conservatism; superstitious; fearful of what others will think; ignores own inner prompting.
68 Puriri – The Essence of Discernment Discrimination; appropriate life choices; balance, inner unity and wholeness. Inner conflict; poor choices in love or in life; entering into relationships for the wrong reason.
69 Bracken Fern – The Essence of Triumph Overcoming challenges; bounces back from adversity; will power; drive for success. Contradictory thoughts and emotions; feels defeated by obstacles; afraid of opposition or competition.
70 Hen and Chickens Fern – The Essence of Strength Passion for life; inner strength; courage of heart, control over one’s animal instincts. No passion for life, inner rage at not being centre of attention or getting one’s way; infantile.
71 Coastal Convolvulus – The Essence of Reflection Capacity to go within; contemplation; restoration of spirit; self-reliance. Overly introspective, aloof, melancholy; refuses to take advice or learn from experience.
72 Shining Spleenwort – The Essence of Synchronicity Timely action; going with the flow; attuned to natural cycles, rhythm and timing. Missed opportunities; unlucky; trapped in negative cycles of karma, lost inside issues.
73 Coastal Lobelia – The Essence of Decisiveness Equanimity; mental strength and clarity; cool logic; fairness; neutrality. Lack of objectivity, difficulty making a decision; prejudice; biased attitude. Victim mentality.
74 Golden Corokia – The Essence of Grace Inner grace; patience; devotion; sacrifice; letting go; see matters from a different perspective. Resignation; stuck in limbo; mid-life crisis; meets situation with lack of grace.
75 Whau – The Essence of Release Rebirth; regeneration; death type situations; loss; endings; eliminating and shedding the old; ready for change. Fear of death and endings, inertia, burnt out; feels dead or utterly lost inside.
76 Native Hawthorn – The Essence of Moderation Restraint; forbearance; diplomacy; steadiness of effort; adaptability. Mood swings; wastes one’s energy; over-reactive; intolerant; out of balance; everything feels in a muddle.
77 Clematis – The Essence of White Light Protection Humour; able to keep one’s spirits up; power used wisely; faces one’s fears. Fear; manipulation; gives one’s power away; attracts negative energies; addictive repetitive scenarios.
78 Akeake – The Essence of Change Initiates and responds positively to change; re-orientation after shock or crisis; faces the truth. Hides behind a facade; inner paralysis; state of shock or disbelief; unable to be comforted.
79 Fragrant Fern – The Essence of Hope Healing; connection to higher spiritual energies; help; protection; inspiration; luck. Hopelessness; depression; utter despair; feels lost and abandoned by God or spirit; ‘dark night of the soul’.
80 Raglan Roseberry – The Essence of Clarity Listens to one’s gut feeling; access super-sensory and psychic abilities. Total confusion; feelings and emotions run high; feels lost or completely in the dark; feels one is going crazy.
81 Tanekaha – The Essence of Joy Happiness and optimism; sunny disposition; ordinary activities give pleasure; freedom at a soul level. Despondent; gloomy; jaded outlook on life; doubtful; weary; pessimistic; boredom.
82 Golden Tainui – The Essence of Renewal Renewal; responds to the soul’s call to action; new possibilities; revitalisation. Stuck at the crossroads; delays decisions; closed mind to new possibilities; refuses to respond to inner call.
83 Kakabeak – The Essence of Completion Fulfillment; successful closure; sense of true self; total transformation; the dancer ready to begin a new dance with life. Instability; life out of balance; lack of composure; has not learned the lessons.
84 Kawakawa – The Essence of Faith Moves forward fearlessly; ready to take a leap of faith; enthusiasm; able to be in the moment; ready for next adventure. Blind faith; folly; recklessness; foolish; naive attitude to life; careless.
85 Black Mamaku – The Healer Opening up to the healing journey; connecting with one’s inner healer; stepping onto the path of the healer; move into timeless healing space; invoke the healer’s powers; hearing the call to heal.
86 Ancient Kauri – Path of Heart Staying in heart; maintain a heart centred healing focus; tap into the wealth of healing knowledge of the ancestors of the land; accessing the wealth of knowledge of the past; healing from the heart.
87 Maire Tawake – Autonomy Staying in your own power centre; self-reliance; not needing anything from the client; not being swamped by other’s processes; learning to prevent negative energy from clinging to you.
88 Wheki – Self-Care Caring for your healer self; knowledge of and practical application of the principles of holistic healing and living; being alert to your own needs; staying open to expansion; continuing to grow on your path.
89 Black Shield Fern – Double Protection Maximum energetic protection; to close off energetically; take time out; choosing to energetically unavailable; recharging your batteries; for high levels of sensitivity to any stimuli.
90 Smooth Shield Fern – Healers Protection For those in the counseling, healing, caring or health professions; allows one to stay open and empathetic while maintaining personal objectivity and energetic autonomy.
91 Triangular Fern – Triangle of Power Activating the triangle of healing power; linking in yourself and the client with the highest spiritual energy; calling on the highest spiritual forces for assistance or information.
92 Lace Fern – Energetic Integrity Restoring and maintaining the auric pattern and energetic integrity; recalibration of one’s own perfect energy pattern; honoring one’s uniqueness and gifts; fulfilling one’s healing destiny.
93 Kiokio – Metaphysical Sensitivity Feeling for the energy; enhances clairsentient abilities; useful for the practitioner wishing to feel, sense, identify and physically register their clients’ energies clairsentiently.
94 Five Finger – Supersensory Gifts Equal development and use of the five subtle senses; activating the five subtle senses – clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairknowing and clairgustus.
95 Toothed lancewood – Responsible Creation The power of thought; awareness; truthfulness; creating your own reality; for understanding thoughts are things; for the after effects of a challenging client; helps remove psychic barbs or arrows of negative thought from the energy field.
96 Sword Fern – Neutrality Maintaining objectivity; identifying the main issue; valuing others viewpoints; relaying information concisely; clarity of communication; not twisting words to suit; severing outworn energetic cords or ties.