Working in Harmony with Nature

The Healer’s Collection has been created from specially selected native New Zealand teacher plants or whakahirahira plants that are of a particular potency and high order. They are for practitioners, those in the healing and helping professions, shamanic healers, energy workers, counsellors, massage therapists, naturopaths, doctors, homeopaths, nurses, hospice workers, care givers and all those who are personally walking the healing path or working with those in need of assistance – this range is especially for you.

They assist us with the time-honoured rites of passage and lessons we encounter on the path of the healer. A personal offering from spirit that addresses the metaphysical spiritual challenges of the times facing the healer and all those individuals walking the healing path. 10ml stock bottle $30 (postage may be extra).

No.85 Black Mamaku – The Healer
Opening up to the healing journey; connecting with one’s inner healer; stepping onto the path of the healer; move into timeless healing space; invoke the healer’s powers; hearing the call to heal.

No. 86 Ancient Kauri – Path of Heart
Staying in heart; maintain a heart centred healing focus; tap into the wealth of healing knowledge of the ancestors of the land; accessing the wealth of knowledge of the past; healing from the heart.

No. 87 Maire Tawake – Autonomy
Staying in your own power centre; self-reliance; not needing anything from the client; not being swamped by other’s processes; learning to prevent negative energy from clinging to you.

No. 88 Wheki – Self-Care
Caring for your healer self; knowledge of and practical application of the principles of holistic healing and living; being alert to your own needs; staying open to expansion; continuing to grow on your path.

No. 89 Black Shield Fern – Double Protection
Maximum energetic protection; to close off energetically; take time out; choosing to energetically unavailable; recharging your batteries; for high levels of sensitivity to any stimuli.

No. 90 Smooth Shield Fern – Healers Protection
For those in the counseling, healing, caring or health professions; allows one to stay open and empathetic while maintaining personal objectivity and energetic autonomy.

No. 91 Triangular Fern – Triangle of Power
Activating the triangle of healing power; linking in yourself and the client with the highest spiritual energy; calling on the highest spiritual forces for assistance or information.

No. 92 Lace Fern – Energetic Integrity
Restoring and maintaining the auric pattern and energetic integrity; recalibration of one’s own perfect energy pattern; honoring one’s uniqueness and gifts; fulfilling one’s healing destiny.

No. 93 Kiokio – Metaphysical Sensitivity
Feeling for the energy; enhances clairsentient abilities; useful for the practitioner wishing to feel, sense, identify and physically register their clients’ energies clairsentiently.

No. 94 Five Finger – Supersensory Gifts
Equal development and use of the five subtle senses; activating the five subtle senses – clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairknowing and clairgustus.

No. 95 Toothed lancewood – Responsible Creation
The power of thought; awareness; truthfulness; creating your own reality; for understanding thoughts are things; for the after effects of a challenging client; helps remove psychic barbs or arrows of negative thought from the energy field.

No. 96 Sword Fern – Neutrality
Maintaining objectivity; identifying the main issue; valuing others viewpoints; relaying information concisely; clarity of communication; not twisting words to suit; severing outworn energetic cords or ties.