Plant essences are vibrational medicines. They are the purest form of sacred plant medicine available. They are made with the full cooperation of the overriding spirit of the plant and are the highest expression of vibrational or energy medicine.

Vibrational medicine is nothing new and has been used in various ways for thousands of years. It addresses the relationship of energies within and around the physical body and works to correct imbalances.

While nutritional elements of plants heal at a physical level, other elements of plants are used to heal at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

The energetic imprints of plants are used to heal the energetic bodies, also known as the subtle bodies. Working at a vibrational level they recognise the powerful physical and spiritual link between plants, humans and holistic wellbeing.

I work with essences from various ranges as well as making my own. As I am working in full cooperation with the spirit of the plant there is no need to harvest the entire plant. This is important as many of the world’s medicinal plants are disappearing along with our rainforests and natural environments.

A comment from someone taking a plant essence blend I made for her: “The drops have given me something I knew I had lost but I didn’t know what it was, until the second day when I knew it was CLARITY. I can see and think again.”


Sacred Voice Essences

A new range of essences developed by me under spiritual guidance to assist us to remember our Divine origins and function as part of the greater whole.

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Connection Essences

Unique essences developed by me under spiritual guidance for us to use for earth work and in meditation/higher chakra work. Infused with light energy from the Ajna Light.

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Ceremonial and Shamanic Essences

I have sourced sacred essences made overseas from ancient teacher plants that are ideal for personal healing, spiritual expansion and ceremonial work.

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Lunar Phases Essences

The moon is often associated with past life healing. Lunar phases pass very quickly and by capturing the lunar energy in a stabilised essence it gives us more time to do our healing.

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First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® provide a comprehensive range of New Zealand native flower and plant essences that work to gently restore emotional and spiritual balance and harmony.

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FLFNZ Healers Essences®

A range of essences called The Healers Collection from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® helping practitioners to work in harmony with nature.

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