Forests survive the harshest conditions because of the mutual support of the spirit of the entire forest. The forest is the perfect example of cooperation through the spirit of one-ness. The secrets they hold to their long term survival have been passed down through their lineage, in some cases for many millions of years.

The Sacred Voice Essences transmit the frequency of Source as reflected in the dynamic symmetry of the living matrix of the forest.

The plants in the forest, big and small, hold the collective memories of the entire consciousness in which they are growing. They are stepping forward at this point in time to share their knowledge with us.

The purpose of the Sacred Voice Essences is to assist us to remember our Divine origins and to help us function as a part of the greater whole.

The essences are made in the forests of the Ruahine Ranges, the largest of several mountain ranges in the North Island of New Zealand. Ruahine means elderly woman in the Maori language.

The guardian of the part of the forest I am working in is the giant Rimu you see here.  The essences will be made under spiritual guidance so what is available will vary depending on what I am encouraged to do at the time. 

It is well known that water holds memory (Google Dr  Masuru Emoto) and all my essences are infused with the music from the tree using my plant music instrument adding an extra layer of vibrations to the blends.


Supermoon Rimu Essence

We are all part of nature; we are not separate to it.

The Supermoon Essence will help you feel part of the one-ness and will allow you to access the wisdom of nature.

It is very grounding as it connects to the root system of all those plants that live in the forest under the protection of the giant Rimu. If you’re feeling dis-connected in any way then this essence will help re-connect you with what it is you need from Nature. It is also very energising and helps provide masculine energy to bring about manifestation. Holistic medicine at its best.

It was made under the November 2016 Supermoon which was at its ‘perigee’- when it is closest to Earth. This was the closest Full Moon this century. A Full Moon at its perigee is 30% brighter than a non-perigee moon, making it extremely potent.

In addition to the magnified lunar energy the essences were given a huge bolt of earth energy as they were sitting under the Rimu when the powerful 7.8 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks occurred.

A very potent combination of stellar and earth energies are in this essence.


Pohutakawa Mother Essence

I was honoured to be asked to record the song of a beautiful 130 year old Pohutakawa tree in Otaki which is tended to by the wonderful Marianna Williams-Wilson and others.

Pohutukawa and its cousin rata hold a prominent place in Maori tradition. Legends tell of Tawhaki, a young Maori warrior, who attempted to find heaven to seek help in avenging the death of his father. He fell to earth and the crimson flowers are said to represent his blood.

A gnarled, twisted pohutukawa on the windswept cliff top at Cape Reinga, the northern tip of New Zealand, has become of great significance to many New Zealanders.

For Maori this small, venerated pohutukawa is known as ‘the place of leaping’, where the spirit leaves the body to return home. (NZ


Marianna placed some water in a jug and charged it with pounamu and fluorite. It was left in the embrace of the Pohutakawa for 2 nights over a Full Moon.

The result was a beautiful jug of water that was visibly alive and bubbling with spiritual life force.

The essence was then made and infused with the waiata of the tree.

This beautiful essence carries the Mother energy and brings serenity, healing and a peaceful knowing. I have personally found it enhances my creativity.

The essences are available separately and together as stock solutions (to be diluted) or as a combined 50ml ready-to-use remedial spray.

These amazing plants use their individual and combined intelligence to work together to help balance your wairua, or spirit.


The very first waiata of the Pohutakawa:


Supermoon Rimu Essence and Pohutakawa Mother Essence  are available as:

15ml stock dropper bottle for $40 each

Set of 15ml Rimu and 15ml Pohutakawa stock dropper bottles set of 2 $60

There are around 200 drops in each 15ml bottle. As a personal remedy put up to 3 drops of each into a water bottle for daily use; or use different combinations to promote a different balance of energies.

50ml ready-to-use remedial spray which contains both essences –  3-4 sprays 3 times a day under the tongue $50.

Also useful as a room spray to help promote a cooperative atmosphere and bring some ‘nature’ energy into an artificial space such as an office.

Postage may be extra.


Note: Spray essences are made with Homeobotanical ACV water which is alcohol free and uses glycerine and cider vinegar as the stabilisers. They can be taken orally as well as being used as a room spray.

Stock bottles contain brandy 50/50 as a stabiliser and are design to be diluted for individual use or used undiluted if ‘dieting’ the essence or used for ceremonial work. There are approx. 200 drops per 15ml bottle.

Stock bottles have a shelf life of 10 years. Sprays are made to order and have a shelf life of 6 weeks.



“Every time just when I have it I get this peaceful serene positive kind of vibe and I think its gently pushing me motivating almost to what I should do or learn.” SG

“Hi Anne just wanted to tell you what has happened in the 3 days I’ve taken your lovely essence. Initially I had the impression that it affected me the same way Rescue Remedy does. A calm steadiness settled into me, but yesterday I realised that I had not suffered from restless legs or twitches which I quite often get. Usually I can help this by going outside and grounding myself on the lawn but there was no need to do so. So “grounding” is in my case definitely what it does. Also it calls to me, reminds me to take it. There is no way I could forget to take it as it won’t allow me to – Thanks so very much!!!! and I love the taste too” FP