Making my first batch! I had decided that I wanted to make some essences under the New Moon in Scorpio because it is such a powerful zodiacal energy. The previous afternoon I had taken some rainwater and my crystal bowl down to a big Silver Fern that is on the side of the track the native bush where I live. I had first asked if the fern was willing to impart her gifts into the water and she assured me she was.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain that night or not so the idea was to drape one of the Silver Fern fronds in the rainwater. The New Moon time was 6.34am. It turned out that it did rain that night so the rainwater ran over the fern and into the bowl.

On the morning of 31st Oct I went back down to the track. I sat there for a while connecting with both Grandmother Moon the fern and thanking them for their gifts. 

I had brought my Damanhur plant music instrument down to the track with me so I then hooked it up to the Silver Fern. This was the first time the fern had been able to hear her voice and she wasn’t hesitant in the slightest like some plants are. I took several recordings and photos and watched in awe as the local birds came to investigate what was going on. The music was playing over the crystal bowl.

When I tasted the Mother Essence I felt an instant whoosh of energy coming up from my feet and down from my crown at the same time and it exploded at my heart chakra. The feeling was amazing and I knew then that I had captured the stellar as well as the earth energies.


31/10/16 The Scorpio New Moon