I had been on a fasting Vision Quest in the South Island early October 2016 and it was amazing. I had felt a massive deepening of my connection to Nature and had some incredibly beautiful experiences. I saw many visions but no major ‘this-is-your-new-life’ epiphany.

I had previously arranged to go to a Spirit Plant Medicine Conference in Vancouver in late October. There were 12 days to go when a family situation threw up a choice as to whether I should go or not. I had done some fundraising to help with the costs of getting there and people had donated $800 by buying ‘rewards’ offered by my friends for services they offered.

After a short deliberation I chose to postpone my trip. I was initially concerned how people would react after having helped me raise funds to go. All the pledges were honoured and guidance from my spirit team assured me that it would be fine.

The day after I cancelled everything I felt an urgent need to ring a gifted friend of mine, Suzanne Chatfield and she instantly channelled a message for me. She said that by choosing not to go I had made a firm decision to walk my own path rather than follow in the footsteps of others. She told me to go sit with Piko Piko, a native New Zealand fern, for guidance and to make some essence from that plant.

She also said that I have a special gift because I carry the energies of both hemispheres (I was born in Canada). I walk the Red Road from the north and I also see the first light as it hits New Zealand in the south.

There were many messages but the main one was that I am to make my own essences. Immediately after that phone call I had continual direct guidance all day from many spirit helpers as to how the essences are to be made, when to make them and which ones to make. I was also told the name of this essence family is to be Sacred Voices. They would be made in a way that is unique to the world. I realised further into the day that many of the visions I had experienced on my Quest were directly related to what I was being shown in relation to the essences.

On waking earlier that same morning I had been given the name Earth Spirit Harmony, which I subsequently realised is the name of the vehicle to be used to birth these new essences.

Guidance showed me that my essences are to be made using lunar not solar energy. Not because lunar is better; but because it is different. The essences would also be imbued with the healing song of the plant through the use of my Music of the Plants device from Damanhur in Italy. This instrument allows plants to communicate their unique voice through music.

I was given the spiritual protocol to observe when making the essences and shown how to select the plants to be used.

Once a plant has been selected I use a crystal bowl to collect rainwater as it runs off the plant under the watchful eye of Grandmother Moon. If it isn’t raining I place a bowl of rainwater in the crystal bowl and let the plant’s leaves sit in the water.

As I am working in full cooperation with the spirit of the plant there is no need to pick any part of the plant. This is important as many of the world’s medicinal plants are disappearing along with our rainforests and natural environments.

I then use my plant music instrument to infuse the mother essence with the healing song of the plant. The mother essence is next mixed 50/50 with brandy to stabilise the mixture and is then used to produce a stock essence.

The ‘song’ is already there, encoded in the cells in the form of light, but the sound adds another level of vibration.

22/10/16 The Beginning