Yeh Ming Zhou

In Eastern cultures we often see pictures of a dragon holding a pearl. The dragon represents energy and the pearl a ball of light, or the sun.

Named by the Chinese as “Yeh Ming Zhou” (Night Bright Pearl), the stone is highly prized for its protective qualities, for strengthening the aura, and increased connection to the higher self, the akasha, the source of consciousness and of all awareness.

It draws in light and holds it for a long time, often glowing for many hours. It is the rare earth elements that draw in the sunlight. It is explained very well in this short video clip.

Ancient YMZ is extremely rare and these days is held closely by the previously ruling families in China. Historically, only the Emperor was allowed to have YMZ.

Modern Yeh Ming Zhou (YMZ), the Night Glowing Pearl of Taoist mythology, can now be made using Fluorite and high concentrations of rare earth elements such as Lanthanum, Europium and Dysprosium.

Its energetic glow is comparable to the brightest Ancient Yeh Ming Zhou and the purity of its crystal matrix allows for a direct experience of its energy and intelligence.

It is possible to tap into the ‘Morphic Field’ of Yeh Ming Zhou through your intention and awareness.

Guy Harriman of Lanna Yoga, Thailand, strengthens, energises and purifies his Modern YMZ by ‘structuring’ it.

He uses 3 pyra lights, 2 super pulsed tesla coils and a sugalite merkaba to give it energetic integrity and purity.

I wear my Yeh Ming Zhou every day and I have really noticed a difference in my physical and mental energy.

I have always had high levels of energy but I find that it feels almost like a super power for me.



The word essence comes from the Latin “essentia” meaning “be”. The Oxford Dictionary defines essence (noun) as “The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character”.

The individual features that define the character of an object such as a stone or a crystal are held in their vibrational energy.

Essences and elixirs made from crystals and stones have been accepted by many cultures for thousands of years.

While in Thailand Guy and I made some essences together using the Pyra Light pad and they were very powerful.

I decided to make an essence using Yeh Ming Zhou and to see if I could prove scientifically that the essence had captured the qualities of the YMZ.

To my delight I believe that I have managed to do this through laboratory spectro photometry testing and participant trials.


You can read my research paper here        YMZ Research Paper Report


If you are interested in purchasing a Yeh Ming Zhou essence you can email me through the contact page.

Anne Elliott